More leverage

With the extended daylight evening hours I now once again have the opportunity to get some stuff done during the week that used to be reserved to weekend only.  The project I did last night however didn’t require daylight.  Cindy was having problems with the door knob that leads to the garage.  She asked if I could put a lever style handle on there instead which makes opening the door easier when your hands are full which is often the case coming from the garage.  I have replaced the front door handle and deadbolt before, I don’t think I ever replaced an interior door knob.  The replacement was not very technically challenging and I had it completed in roughly 15-20 minutes.  The lever mechanism worked well.  Cindy liked it.  There might be other key knobs that could use a swap out in the future.

Some days the best I can give you is stories about changing door knobs.



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