Disappointing, A Circle, Holy rolling, Reacher

So I was very excited that according to FedEx tracking the Monster was ahead of schedule.  As of Friday evening it showed it was sitting in Orlando meaning it should up Saturday.  When I awoke Saturday morning I was even more excited when the status changed to “On FedEx vehicle for delivery”.  Even though the scheduled delivery date still showed as Monday, I disregarded it.

I made sure all of my to do’s for the day would all keep me on the grounds so I would not miss the delivery which requires a signature due to the dollar value.  So as I weeded and weed whacked I imagined how cool it is that I will have my new mega-EUC to play with over the weekend.

Well mid-afternoon came with no delivery and no change of status.  I figured I would call FedEx just to confirm the wheel was going to be delivered today.  You can imagine my disappointment when the phone rep explained that Monday deliveries are loaded on the truck Saturday but not actually delivered.  WTF, that’s dumb.  I asked if I could simply drive to the hub in Fort Myers and pick up my package?  Nope, the facility is closed.  Damn it.  Well it was pointless to gripe about it to the Indian phone rep.  I would just have to wait.

Cindy wanted to see the new movie that came out called The Circle.  I didn’t know anything about the movie but I saw Tom Hanks was in it so I assumed it would be decent.  It didn’t seem like the type of movie I would normally get to a theater to see and instead catch via my Netflix subscription.  However Cindy was into seeing it and she certainly has been agreeable to seeing anything in the theaters I want to see so it was no big deal.

The movie was a thinly veiled recreation of what Facebook could become in the future, an all knowing, privacy smashing behemoth that takes over people’s lives without them even realizing it.  The story was pretty slow in the beginning and never really got very compelling.  Cindy was actually bored enough during part of it that she dropped hints that she was ok with leaving.  I actually didn’t think it was as bad as Cindy did.  It’s ok in a Netflix envelope, a B film.

Sunday morning I set the alarm to go run.  It went off, I got up, went to the bathroom and then promptly laid back in bed.  My right IT band felt sore.  If it felt sore before running it was going to feel worse afterward.  So although in some ways it felt to good to lay down in bed for another hour or so the guilt I felt throughout the rest of the day for not running was not worth it.

I tended to the chickens and paid my bills before we went out to ride.  We actually ran to Walmart and Dunkin Donuts before heading out to Ave Maria  to ride.  We have ridden there several times but Cindy has never done so on one wheel.  We parked away from the center of the town by the waterpark because I wanted to fly my drone for some aerial views.  We had a pretty short ride but it still was a long video because of the aerial footage that is in there.  Cindy spent a decent amount of time on my Msuper as we rode.  I have a feeling once my Monster arrives she will be riding the Msuper a lot more.

The majority of the afternoon was laid back.  I have been in the middle of a another long and time consuming virtual quest in WoW, this time to allow my characters to fly in the game.  Flying makes tasks that can be arduous much, much simpler.  Ironically the requirements to obtain flying are more arduous.

Last night we watched the second Jack Reacher flick.  It was a great action film, something Tom excels at, even as he is approaching his mid-50’s.  Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt are two actors that have yet to let me down.  As far as I can remember, any film of theirs I have seen has never been a stinker.  If either name is on the cast list I can usually count on at least a B+ experience.   I give Reacher a B+ as well.

Shortly Chuck will be here to start on an epic Tacoma lift install followed by Patrick and Nico later in the day for a quick but surely fun filled visit. Oh, and my Monster shows up today, for sure.  Adventures await.

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