Head above water

So it’s been nice to have crested the hill of work related to the movement of a large portion of our staff to a different building.  Of course there is an entirely different set of hurdles left for me to clear regarding the renovation that is commencing on our existing building but I’ll handle that as it presents itself. Hey, at least I got to go to the gym the last two days.

I picked up Sadie last night for another extended visit as Ali is going to be out of town through the weekend.  Elsa was absolutely insane with happiness when Sadie walked in the door.  Just watching the two of them interact is enough to keep me entertained for long periods of time.

If I had time I could ramble on about the imploding presidency of Donald Trump but there are so many other sources doing such a good job of it I figured there is no reason to pile on.  In my lifetime there has never been a president so immersed in controversy so quickly, it really is something to see.  Hopefully the entertainment doesn’t come at the cost of the future of our country.

I am feeling the need to commute the Monster to work again…

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