Wrong choice of words

So early in the afternoon I asked Cindy if she heard anything back from the Hyundai dealer yet regarding her car.  She hadn’t so she reached out to them.  She talked to a woman service advisor who said they were still working on it.  She made a request that seemed odd to me.  Cindy had told her I took a picture of the error my code reader pulled from the car.  She asked if I could send it to her.  I found this odd because obviously they have the ability to read engine codes too but what the hell, ok, I’ll send it.  Cindy said the woman was talking some technical stuff that didn’t quite make sense so I said I would call her since I had a pretty good grasp of the scenario.

So I get a call back after leaving a message.  The woman, who Cindy identified as being very nice on the phone started to explain the situation.  She said that although the salesman and the mechanic initially saw the check engine light was on, it was now off so they couldn’t get a code with their equipment.  I told her that didn’t seem to make sense since I thought whenever a check engine light condition exists, the code is stored in the ECU until it is forcibly cleared.  As soon as I made that statement the woman’s nice switch flipped to off the position.

She immediately developed a large attitude with me, how dare I question anything that she tells me?  She said several things in a very smart ass tone to me, including “Well if it is not showing a code there is nothing we can do…”  I told her I wasn’t quite sure why she was taking an attitude with me but I did not appreciate it. I told her the general manager said they would do whatever it takes to get the car fixed asap, yet I am hearing “there is nothing we can do” It was a very poor choice of words on her part, considering the circumstances. I knew I was not going to get any further with this woman so I asked if she could transfer me back to our salesman.

So I recanted my phone interaction with Matt and he was not happy about it.  He told me he would get on it asap and someone would call me back.  A little after 4PM the general manager called me and let me know that they replaced a relay that they believe was defective.  He said to make sure they wanted to keep the car overnight and drive it some more just to make sure.  I was fine with that plan, so hopefully Cindy is back behind the wheel tonight.  I guess they COULD do something about it.

I am not an overly confrontational person.  However when someone steps on my feet and brings it to my face I can react quite strongly. I can put up with a lot of shit but when I decide not to, things can heat up pretty quickly.

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