Two dog night

After work last night my buddy Don from work brought out his dog Lucky for an extended dog sitting visit while he visits family out of state.  We had watched Lucky twice before but the last time was probably close to four years ago.  Once we got chickens Don was hesitant to have Lucky out at our place because of the potential interaction.  Now that the hens are behind a four foot fence full time he felt better about it.

So even though I only see Lucky rarely, he always seems to remember me.  He also seemed to remember Cindy despite not seeing her for years.  He is such a calm, friendly and well mannered dog.  Of course Elsa was freaked out but Lucky more or less ignored her and let Elsa be the one to come to him.  By the end of the night Elsa was cautiously interacting/playing with Lucky.  I am hoping by the end of the day today she will fully accept him into the inner circle.

To make things even more interesting we are picking up Sadie today for an extended visit so we will have three dogs in the house through the weekend.  Sadie just goes with the flow as well so I am sure all three will get along just fine.  Really our only concern is restricting Lucky’s activity.  He had his back leg in a cast for over two months due to an injury.  He LOVES to run and play but the last thing we want is for him to re-injure himself in our care so we need to either have him outside on leash or constantly monitored to keep him from going nuts.  Lucky is very well disciplined and responds to voice commands reliably.

I wish we could say the same about Jeff Sessions. I’m not sure if you could get a more typical example of what a stereotypical dirt bag politician is than Sessions.  His testimony yesterday was nothing short of a joke.

I just ordered a 3D printer, I am excited to see what sort of creations Cindy and I can come up with.

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