No sod for you

So I took the Tacoma to work yesterday hoping to score another load of sod to throw in the chicken area.  I stopped at two Home Depot’s and a Lowes and struck out, no sod.  I also stopped at a garden center I looked for sod at before.  When I asked him about sod he said they did not have any and I shouldn’t expect anyplace to have sod for awhile.  He said all of the rain would make cutting sod impossible.  If the sod is underwater or drenched the machines used to cut it can’t do their thing.  I never thought about that but it makes sense.  The chickens will have to deal with the muck for now.

Speaking of rain, I read that the precipitation from Tropical Storm Emily dropped the normal amount of rain we would receive for the entire month of August in two days, fantastic.  I’m glad President Trump wants to reinvigorate the coal industry since global warming is a complete farce… it should be hugely, terrifically, awesome.

I printed my first big thing on the CR-10 printer, a nice headphone stand.  I am getting the hang of things, slowly.

So much to do, so much to do…..


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