Easy as Pi

Last night before bed I finally put together and configured my Octoprint set up for my CR-10 printer.  The install consisted of writing an image to a SD card, inserting the card into the Raspberry Pi, and installing the Pi into a case.  After that I just walked through some quick set up routines and configuration and my little $35 mini-computer was online and communicating with my 3D printer.

The device will allow me full control of the printer via a web browser as well as having the capability to do things like remotely monitor the print via a web cam.  It was very easy to set up for someone like me with a computer background however I think even a novice would be able to get through it.

I have an auto bed leveling kit on the way that is going to require more extensive surgery.  I am hoping I get that installed over the weekend.  If successful, this mod should ensure the critical first layer of my prints are consistently good.

I also finished editing a video that summarized my experience with the CR-10 up to this point and talks about the mods.


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