Frustrating flex, a new case, draft

This week I received a new type of 3D filament, NinjaFlex.  It is a flexible filament that is rubber like and very strong.  My plan was to use it to try to print an iPhone6 case for myself.  Because of the way the extruder is set up on the CR-10, the FlashForge Finder made more sense to use although a phone case is pretty much the maximum size object you can put on it’s print bed.

Cindy and I made multiple attempts to get the print job going but each time we had issues either with adhesion or clumping.  I plan to put down a fresh layer of tape on the print surface  and then relevel the bed and try again.  It would be cool to be able to print 3D flexible objects but it isn’t a high priority.

Yesterday I also received my replacement Msuper case from Ewheels to replace the battered and bruised shell, a side effect of learning to ride backwards.  The new case is a cool black matte finish which I think will look really sharp.  Unfortunately to swap the case requires a total teardown of the wheel which is going to be a major endeavor.  I have to see when I gather the motivation to take it on.

Tonight we are once again hosting the draft party for my fantasy football league.  Last night I did the technical work, getting the laptop connected to Skype and the new TV.  After work we will do the major furniture relocation required to host a dozen people in the great room.  It should be a good time as always.

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