Long list

So with our latest building swap complete (one more to go), things at work have finally settled down a bit for the time being.  It couldn’t have come a moment too soon as the combo of hurricane issues combined with massive requirements at work were burning me down to a nub big time.

Last night I continued my struggle with my CR-10 printer, trying to get an annoying clogging problem corrected.  I wound up eventually doing so by putting in the spare nozzle that was provided with the printer.  I finally got the last part of the latest EUC stand printed overnight although it was a bit buggy.  At random times little snot balls of filament were created and scattered around the print.  I am hoping the reason for this is the filament itself which was out in the open during the power outage when the air inside the house was incredibly hot and muggy.  PLA filament actually “goes bad” when left exposed to air for prolonged periods of time, especially humid air.  I am hoping the bugs I saw were just related to that.

So I have already begun crafting a list to consume a good portion of my first “normal” weekend in quite awhile.  We have been enjoying a rain free period which has allowed the property to dry out completely.  I want to take advantage of this by mowing/weed whacking EVERYTHING which of course will take hours to complete.  The grass however is only a couple items on a long list that consumes the entire piece of note paper it is written on.  It will be a very busy weekend and although it would be nice to just chill, stuff just won’t get done by itself.

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