Trying to make a dent, Priorities

As I mentioned yesterday, my to do list for this weekend is massive.  With that being the case I tried to at least put a small dent in the list by hopping on the tractor and attempting to mow the back yard.  The grass in some areas back there was incredibly thick, requiring me to slow down to snail speeds at times to get through it.  Because of just how slow I was going I was unable to get it all done before sunlight expired which was a bummer.  I am hoping Cindy has a chance to knock out the rest today. My weekend workfest looks like it may be a wet one as there is a tropical depression nearby that could bring a lot of rain our way, something that is less than welcome.

It’s so reassuring to see the majority of the American public focused on whether a NFL player is standing or kneeling for the national anthem.  I bet even the people in Puerto Rico understand why this would take precedence over something like their personal hell and humanitarian disaster.  It’s an odd thing how many Americans seem to think of Puerto Rico as a foreign nation, not worthy of the same support and assistance we would offer an official US state.  Odd is just one word I would use to describe the state of the world right now.  Moronic, ignorant, and hypocritical are a few more that pop into my mind.


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