Got close, Wake up to it

So my goal to finish my massive to do list for the weekend came up short but it wasn’t from a lack of effort.  Mother Nature threw a big roadblock in the way when we got absolutely drenched on Friday, turning what was a dry landscape back into something that look similar to a rice paddy field.  Thankfully Cindy got the back half of the yard mowed on Friday before the rains came.

On Saturday we worked ourselves silly, busting ass around the wet yard.  I was doing weeding, debris clean up and weed whacking mostly.  Cindy spent a good portion of the day with the electric pressure washer, cleaning the pool cage and pool deck area.  Later in the afternoon we ran out for some more supplies at Home Depot.  When we got home the rain had returned.  I was so motivated to continue crossing off list items that I threw on my rain coat and worked through steady precipitation.

Despite being beat up and sore from Saturday’s work I set a 6AM alarm for Sunday so I could get out and resume my weekend 5K track runs.  Because of road trips, work commitments and hurricanes my running has fallen off a table.  I think this was the second time in three months I got out to run.  Of course my expectations were low, my goal was to simply survive the run as in not stop short of my 12 lap goal.  That goal was accomplished although I felt pretty miserable trudging through the extremely warm and humid air, mostly in total darkness.  As the sun began to rise it revealed that the school grounds took a beating from Irma as well.  The bleachers and part of the baseball backstop were mangled from the winds.

During the morning Cindy and I did get out for a quick ride around North Collier Park on our wheels.  Once again the power of a hurricane was on display.  Pretty much every direction you turned you could see damage from the storm.

Before the Eagles game started Cindy and I worked on yet another list item, washing all three vehicles.  I used it as an opportunity to make a Tacoma mod so far video, something I had intended to do for a little while.

I got word during the week that supposedly the NFL Sunday Ticket problem that I spent over two hours on the phone trying to remedy last weekend had been corrected.  I was skeptical Directv actually fixed the issue but I was pleased to see I actually had the package when I turned on the tv this week.  It was the first Eagles game I have gotten to see this year.  It was interesting game to see with a solid close win, capped off by the Eagles executing a time expiring long drive at the end to seal the game, something I am not accustomed to.  Their 3-1 start to the season is good news but I have been an Eagles fan for far too long to not know better than to get too excited at this point of the season.

So this morning I woke up to the latest in a far too common scenario in today’s world, another horrible mass shooting.  You have to wonder what snapped in this old man’s mind that would push him to raining down bullets from 32 stories up upon a massive crowd of unsuspecting victims.   I suppose this will once again spin up the circular gun control arguments which inevitably lead to nothing as both sides call the other names.  At this point I am pretty certain that there is no gun related tragedy that would be able to move that needle in any direction.

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