Fails, still listing

Yesterday I received an unexpected email from a woman from “Jukin media”.  She said her company produces fail videos for a show on MTV2.  She happened to stumble across the video from my second day of EUC learning where I crashed hard onto the parking lot.  She was doing an inquiry regarding gaining my permission to use the clip in the show in return for compensation.

Of course I was intrigued and responded back regarding it.  The Cliff Notes version is I think the clip can’t be used because I no longer have the original unedited footage. (YouTube clip has captioning) However, I did send her some links to some of my other fall/fail/crash videos so perhaps I may just wind up being on the show.  Regardless of the outcome it was cool to get the inquiry.

I am expecting this weekend to again be quite loaded with things to do however hopefully this time there will be more fun things like doing some more work on my 3D printer and putting out the Halloween decorations.  I am thankful that Tropical Storm Nate is apparently going to be tracking far west of us but at the same time feel badly for whomever on the gulf coast winds up having to deal with yet ANOTHER US landfall storm.  2017 appears to be rivaling 2005 in regards to the most miserable hurricane year in recent history.

I outlined the mods I want to do on the printer here.

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