Real deal?, Another piece

So I managed to stay up for the Eagles/Panthers game last night.  Well I mostly did, drifting off mid third quarter but awakening with about two minutes left in the game.  Beating the Panthers on the road was a pretty huge deal and may actually be enough to make me think the Birds actually could be a playoff caliber team this year.  It’s a feeling I haven’t had in a long time but pretty much everything I saw last night, except for that dumb ass Mills at cornerback, makes me think the team actually has a shot.  Hopefully the injury bug doesn’t hit too hard this year.  It would be nice to have something to look forward to after the regular season.

Speaking of football, I neglected to mention that the Florida Tarpons, the local arena football team I had season tickets to for 4-5 years packed up their bags and relocated to Lakeland, close to two hours away.  There was no warning for the sudden move which I found a bit annoying yet in the big picture I understand.  Attendance was always pretty abysmal and after the end of each season I would always say there was no way they would be back next year.  Well I guess I was finally right, sort of.

Today another piece of the hurricane remediation process takes place.  A guy is coming out to do an appraisal on the house so I can reopen my home equity line of credit.  I am hoping the blue tarped roof doesn’t cause a big issue but I can give him pictures of what is under there in case he needs it.  The need to even have a formal appraisal in this situation, which I have to pay for, is sort of ridiculous.  A simple search on our tax collector website reveals a value far exceeding the minimal requirements to qualify for the loan.

This weekend there is more to do, as always.  Don’t get me wrong, although I do complain about my workload at home, 180 degrees in the other direction would not be good for my state of being either.  Sitting around and basically doing nothing all weekend would bother me more.

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