A peaceful respite

The weather yesterday was simply awesome with high temps that didn’t exceed 75 degrees.  I took advantage of it when I got home, jumping on my Msuper to ride it over to the school, just like the good old days.  When I got over there I buzzed around the middle school grounds.  A lot of that time was spent riding backwards.  I bet a rode close to a mile in reverse in total.  I still don’t get to practice as much as I would like but even so my reverse riding went pretty well.

It just felt great to be peacefully rolling around the school grounds and adjacent development, not having to worry about external forces affecting my moment.  Riding my EUC is very akin to the feeling you hear bikers talk about, both human and gas powered, about the freedom you feel in those moments.  It insulates you from whatever is negative in your sphere of existence, at least for a short period of time.

When I got home I also tried again to print a larger version of the ornate cross I had my friend 3D model for Cindy.  I am still having some issues but at least they are not the jamming variety which started my long battle with the printer weeks ago.  I think I can figure this latest problem out without additional expense and just a small expenditure of patience.


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