More than before

So last night we made arrangements for me to meet Cindy after she taught her evening spin class down by her work along with Katie and Daniel.  I wore my old spartan helmet as well as carrying my 4 foot long sword on my Msuper.  Daniel wore my old Jason mask and Katie wore a full body dragon costume which was very cute.  We wanted to ride the wheels through Victoria Park.  We rode through there last year although it was not on Halloween itself.  That made quite the difference.

This development gets mobbed at Christmas with people driving through to look at the the over the top decorations the community is famous for.  Well that did not compare at all to the amount of people jamming the streets last night, it was incredible.

Luckily all of us are skilled enough at riding that we could weave in and out of the crowd pretty easily.  As we rode around we heard a constant stream of comments ,What’s that??”, “a NEW hoverboard”, and “soooo coool” were some of the most heard.

There were some pretty sweet halloween decorations to see as well as all of the costumed kids and adults roaming the street.  If it were up to me I probably would have stayed longer than we did but it was getting late and Cindy was cold as the temps dipped into the 60’s.  The experience made me anxious to take the wheels back there during the Christmas season.  I shot video of the ride which hopefully turns out well.

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