More fun than frustration

So last night I was messing with both of my two major hobbies, 3D printing and EUC’s.  On the 3D front at one point I had all three printers going at once.  The CR-10 was finishing up printing another EUC stand, the FlashForge Finder was printing lithophane holders and my new Neva was trying to print a Christmas ornament.  I say “try” because the week old printer developed it’s first problem, a filament clog.

One of the Neva’s appeals is it’s simplicity.  Unfortunately it is also one of it’s weaknesses. The documentation on the printer is extremely sparse.  There is no real user manual to speak of.  The only option is a very limited support section of their website.  I followed the instructions I found to unclog the printhead but only had limited success.  When I tried to print the model it was underextruding and looked terrible.  So now I have another printer to “fix”, yay.

I also affixed some automotive door protection strips to my new Gotway Mten3 along the edges of the wheel.  My hope is if the bot takes a tumble the strips will absorb the impact instead of the potentially brittle plastic.  After I finished up I took the wheel out in the driveway for some night time testing.  Not only did I do my first backwards riding on the tiny wheel I also did my first four point turns on an EUC, ever.  I was able to curve into a spot, stop, reverse direction while curling the other direction and then reverse once again to head back the way I came from.   It felt awesome.  I can’t wait to build on my new found skills with my tiny one wheel fun machine.

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