So last year I decided to spin off a second YouTube channel, EUC Army, which I only upload my electric unicycle videos to.  Based on my own personal YouTube experience I have found that in some cases people like channels with a more narrow focus.

My main YouTube channel is a dumping ground for ANYTHING I do.  Believe it or not it has almost 1000 videos in there.  My hope is by breaking my two main hobbies into their own dedicated realms it will give me opportunities to increase exposure of the content.

My main channel has resumed it’s slow and steady upward growth curve after getting smacked off the rails during the YouTube ad-apocalypse several months back.  I now am generating over $200 a month in ad revenue from the main channel which has over two million views and close to 3000 subscribers.  My EUCARMY channel has over 150 subscribers and I hope D3D can start growing as well. 3D printing has a MUCH larger market penetration than electric unicycles so it will be interesting to see how it goes.  If you want to help me get things rolling go here and hit that SUBSCRIBE button! 🙂

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