Need more time to do it

This time of year it is normal for every evening to be accompanied with a pile of boxes at the door, either gifts we bought for others or something that was sent for us.  Last night was no different except one box didn’t have anything present related it was projects for me to work on.

One of the annoying things about the CR-10 is it is extremely noisy.  One big contributor to that noise are the fans in the control box.  One in particular sounds like it has spun it’s bearing and is about to blow apart. In total there are three fans in the case so I plan to replace all three of them while I am in there as it is well documented the fans in the CR-10 are very low quality.

I also received a replacement battery kit for an iPhone 6. I ordered it when Cindy’s phone apparently died over the weekend as a possible solution.  Her phone has since resuscitated itself but I am considering just doing the replacement on my 2-3 year old iPhone 6.  The battery life on my phone has gone down significantly in recent months so I figured replacing mine would be a way to address it and practice on my phone so if I need to do something on Cindy’s the bumps in the road should be identified and smoothed out.  I’ve watched a video on the process and read the included directions.  It’s delicate work but but not significantly harder than the many laptops I have ripped into during my hardware repair career.

Yesterday I took a big chunk out of my Xmas shopping requirements which is always a good feeling, until I start totaling up my spending during my weekly bill reconciliation session.  The one thing that makes Xmas spending more tolerable is years ago when Ali and I were still married, we implemented a “Gifts” budget column which gets contributed to every pay period.  The end result is when the holidays come around I have a decent chunk of change already set aside to help offset Xmas spending.

So my mental list of things I want to work on this weekend is pretty swollen.  Since I will be gone the following weekend, in my mind it adds to the priority of getting shit done.  On top of the normal chores which will include full grass maintenance, I want to do things like get the fans installed, the replacement screen door from Home Depot, more pool cage fastener/bracket replacement, and maybe take a whack at iPhone battery replacement.  Instead of trying to wedge all that into a normal weekend I am planning to take tomorrow off to give myself a nice head start on the list. Should be fun.



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