Last of the Year, I’ll do it LIVE

Last night after work I did my first ever YouTube live streaming session, something you are seeing more and more of.  It is YT’s version of I guess.I went into it with no real agenda other than to express my appreciation for the support I have gotten over the past year and to talk about any topic presented to me.  It took a few minutes until things got rolling but overall I think it went surprisingly well. I will definitely be doing more sessions in the future.  Getting Cindy in on some of them would be funny I’m sure.

Today marks my last blog post of 2017, a year filled with a lot of ups and downs as I tried my best to document yesterday.  We get to enjoy our second long weekend in a row, getting off Monday for New Years Day.  We have not made any definitive plans for NYE.  Although I have gone out on NYE quite a few times I am just as content letting the year pass under my own roof.  Of course I have things I want to accomplish over these three days and I hope 2018 to be a slightly new and improved version of the year before.

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