Such a pain, The Ides of Winter, Running out of Fingers

So last night I spent an hour and a half walking around the house reconfiguring all  of my multitude of wifi connected devices to connect to my “new” wifi network, which was really the old network, just a reestablished version of it.  It’s a pretty tedious process where you have to first wipe out each device’s config and then connect to it with your phone to reassign it wifi credentials.  I was finishing up just as Cindy got home from teaching class.  Almost everything is fixed at this point except for a couple webcams.

Ali’s boyfriend came out to pick up Sadie last night whom we have had out at the house for something like three weeks straight.  I think it was the longest she has been at the house since Ali and I split.  She quickly becomes a staple of the environment and to have her not there last night felt strange. I felt down right sad when I looked over at Elsa and saw her moping on the couch obviously missing her favorite companion and playmate.  She loves Sadie so much.

This cold blast we have been experiencing down in Florida has been pretty severe by our standards but of course pales in comparison to what is going on up north where snow is backed up by arctic, subfreezing temps with horrendous wind.  I feel lucky that although temps at our place touched the upper 30’s, we have not had the widespread frost which is what does the most landscape damage.  Our garden seems to be unaffected which is great.

So the latest disaster for the Trump presidency broke yesterday with the announcement of a book filled with insider information of the circus that was year one of Donald’s presidency.  Some of the quotes I heard were unbelievable but the most damning things are the ones from Steve Bannon, Trumps campaign “CEO” and chief strategist, until he was let go.  Bannon of course is as trustworthy as Trump is, meaning not at all, but still, the things he said were so damning that if they even are only partially true, it’s incredible that Trump is still sitting in the White House.

There is a lot of dangling corruption in the Russia involvement with the US election but at it’s core it seems it was all about money.  Russia was offering assistance in the election in exchange for Trump business entities assisting in a massive and long standing Russian money laundering operation.  Do a little digging on the subject and you will be amazed and disgusted at just how deep this rabbit hole goes.

I can only hope that my friends that voted for Trump can at least pause for a non-partisan second and analyze what kind of person they actually voted for and how he got to where he is.  It isn’t a negative thing to reconsider your position on topics when new information becomes available.  It’s what a modern society is supposed to do, evolve.

This weekend agenda, stay warm, do stuff, and celebrate Katie’s birthday.

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