Booked, Forged in Filament

So I finally have secured a company to rescreen our pool cage. This is after I told the first place no thanks after the owner tried to justify pricing more than double the going rate 8 months ago.  The quote I got from this other company would have been $1600 less if I went with normal screen.  I decided to upgrade to the high quality polyester screen with a 10 year warranty and still came in $600 less than the first quote with regular fiberglass screen..  If I wanted the polyester screen with the original contractor they would have charged me an additional $2500.  So yea, I am happy I was able to wait and find someone not quite so eager to profit heavily off of storm remediation.  The wait time isn’t as bad as I expected, they should be able to do the work in around a month.

Yesterday Cindy put her artistic ability to good use, painting the “porg” from Star Wars that I 3D printed.  Not only did she do a nice job with the painting, she also fixed the print which had several defects in the model, including one arm that fell off.   Cindy also glued together my first 3D printed knife.  Of course it isn’t designed for heavy duty use but it will get the job done if need be.


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