Still have a pulse

No there have been no major life events that has made the blog go dark this week.  I just have a heavy work schedule which has left time for little else.  The theme of this week has been cold, as in dealing with it.  This morning the thermometer in the Prius read a very frosty 36 degrees when I left the house.

I have recently developed a very different attitude when it comes to temps that approach the freezing mark.  I used to go into fire drill mode and scramble to try to cover any and all potentially cold sensitive plant life in the yard.  Despite my extensive efforts, things still bit the dust.  My new feeling is if something dies due to the cold that helps me know to not put the same item into the ground in the future.  If stuff in the garden takes a beating it is easily replaceable.  This adjusted attitude makes forecast cold fronts much less stressful for me.

If I had more time I’d love to talk more about shithole countries and porn star love affairs but alas, I will leave that to others.

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