Wrapped up

So my week long series of mostly day long meetings have wrapped up but it is only the start of a very long and involved process that will be taking place on the next 6-7 months.  We are ripping out our old Cobol legacy back end systems and replacing them with a cloud based vendor.  It is MASSIVE undertaking that will be very difficult but should hold a lot of back end benefits including greater productivity, efficiency, and flexibility in many areas of our office.  I am very much looking forward to this time next year when all of these large resource projects will be in the rear view mirror.

Overnight my massive two day print of one of my WoW characters finally concluded.  This was the model I was in the middle of printing when a shelf collapsed on my printer last week.  It looks pretty odd right now but once Cindy is done working on it I am sure it will be one of my most prized 3D prints.

I am picking up Sadie on the way home to make Elsa’s weekend a lot more fun.  Luckily we seem to be through the worst of our most current cold snap.  It’s still very cold by SW Florida standards but at least we are out of the landscape danger zones and we have avoided frost which really kills stuff off.

This weekend has standard fare included, highlighted by the NFC championship game on Sunday which includes the Eagles, the first time it has happened since 2009.  The Eagles have a pretty bad track record in this game, who could forget when they lost three consecutive NFC championships in the mid 2000’s?  I am hoping the unexpected success and magic of the 17/18 season continues on.  To have this team get all the way to the Super Bowl would be an incredible belated Christmas present.

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