Blind, Tesla in space, Here again

I have neglected to mention how fascinating and exciting it was to see the recent Falcon Heavy launch which resulted in a Tesla Roadster orbiting the planet with a 24/7 live view.  The mission was not perfect as only two of the three rockets used safely landed back on Earth.  The center core rocket had an issue that caused it to hit the ocean at high speed.  Regardless it is yet another feather in the cap of Tesla and Elon Musk, one of the great innovators of our time, who just happens to come from one of those shithole countries.

So the Olympics are back, this time the winter variety.  Generally speaking I am a fan of everything and anything to do with the Olympics.  Since they moved the winter and summer games to alternating two year cycles it has been great.  It seems like the Rio summer games just ended and here we are.  Of course when you get this old time accelerates so quickly that a two year span feels like next to nothing.  Bring on the curling!

So the Prius headlights have been frustrating.  In the last year I have had to replace both bulbs twice and now BOTH headlights are dead again.  I’m not quite sure what is causing the early failure but I have taken a different approach this time, ordering two LED replacement bulbs for the car which are very expensive but hopefully will fix my problem permanently.  If you have seen my videos regarding replacing the bulbs in the past you know it can be a frustrating task.  Because of the way the LEDs are designed it actually SHOULD be an easier job this time around.

I received my new 3D printer, another spiff from GearBest, I look forward to setting it up and playing with it this weekend!


And now with the plugs!

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My EUC protective gear
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