Colo consult, Ghetto Gunnars, Doing it again, faster

Cindy and I had a very nice Valentine’s Day at home enjoying our Carrabbas on the Go dinner while we caught up on some DVR’d content.  Cindy made me a cool shirt, cool card, and bought me some skateboard sneakers that may work well for EUC riding as well.  Everything was very thoughtful and appreciated.  I only made one of my gifts to her, a 3D printed rose that came out surprisingly well.  I printed the top part on my Flashforge Finder and the stem on my CR-10.

This morning I had my consult meeting for my upcoming colonoscopy which is scheduled to go down at the beginning of March.  The appointment was pretty uneventful.  The best news is the prep isn’t quite as awful as it once was.  It used to be you spent most of the prior day chugging a gallon of this disgusting tasting liquid.  With this new regimen I spend the day before on a clear liquid diet but you don’t take laxatives until 6PM the night before followed up by one last shot at 5AM the morning of the procedure.  Of course it will still be an unfun experience but it sounds like it used to be worse.  The doctor was very laid back and cool and didn’t give me any reasons to get more worked up about the procedure than I will be naturally.

So my eyes are not great anymore.  My distance vision has been getting progressively more blurry since my early-mid 40’s.  After telling myself I would get an eye exam for the last four or five years I finally am getting it done on Saturday.

In addition to the eye exam I just recently bought these blue blocking computer glasses, a clear knock off of the Gunnar glasses I tried a few years ago.  These type of glasses block much of the blue light emitted from computer monitors which can cause various eye discomfort.  Red and irritated eyes have been a pretty normal state for me for a long time.

When I tried the Gunnars before I bailed after a week or two because they had slight magnification as well which was causing me even more eye discomfort.  These knock offs have no magnification at all so I am hoping to get better results.  They cost about a third of what the Gunnars cost.  Take a look if you like. 

So tomorrow I am planning to attempt another epic 50+ mile commute to work on my EUC.  When I did this almost exactly one year ago I did so on my Gotway Msuper.  If you watched the video of my ride last year you’ll see I was pushing the limits of the battery capacity of the wheel.  I barely made it to work because of strong headwinds.

I plan to use my huge Gotway Monster this time around which has double the battery capacity and is able to maintain higher speeds for longer duration.  I will still bring my battery charger with to charge during the day but I should be able to go as fast as I want without battery concerns which will make the ride take less time.  Even with the beefier wheel between my legs I plan to leave the house a little earlier to give me more of a time pad and get out ahead of some of the normal traffic. It should be fun.

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