Crawling upwards

So despite me approaching the end of two weeks since I started getting symptoms, I am still trying to shake the last vestiges of illness.  At this point I am left with random nasty sounding coughing fits, nose blowing and a general overall decrease in energy levels/reserves.  Cindy has been in bad shape all week, missing work, and at times being able to hardly function.  She is improving as well but still has a long way to go.

Last night Katie stopped by, we showed her the big Segway i2.  She took a few spins around the front yard and seemed to have fun although I know she would probably get bored compared to the speed and agility she has become accustomed to with her Mten3.  I was a bit more aggressive with my riding, doing some hard S-turns up and down the driveway.  Even though I only ever skied once, the motion really reminded me of slalom skiing.  I’m looking forward to us taking the big PT out somewhere this weekend to see how it goes.



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