Just a Monday

Last night Katie stopped by to pick up her mail and some packages that were sent to the house.  She brought her two dogs with so it quickly became a crazy scene in the back yard when Elsa joined them.  Bowser and Elsa were running around like maniacs.  When I came out to see them Bowser charged me excitedly at full speed.  If I did not quickly spread my legs apart he would have taken me out at the knees, he is a big moose.

After they ran themselves tired we hung on the pool deck catching up with Katie.  She is showing some interest in living a healthier lifestyle which of course Cindy embraced enthusiastically.  I found for myself that actually thinking more about my health and wellness was a very gradual thing that started kicking in my mid to late 20’s.  Over time I just slowly started changing my eating habits.  Did you know that up until my late 30’s I used to have apple sauce with every meal?  I used it as a condiment, mixing it with every food imaginable.  One day I realized it was basically just pure sugar and little else and I phased it out.  I have repeated this process many times since, eliminating formal staples of my diet as I became more conscious of my eating.

Of course the biggest change was when I decided to become pescatarian shortly after Ali and I separated.  But even that change wasn’t all that awful.  Once you get past the initial feeling of missing that food you really adjust quickly to not having it, at least I did.

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