No tools needed, Metal, The Odd Couple

Last night I shot a video illustrating the EUC stand part that I modeled and created from scratch.  It allows you to assemble a stand without using the stainless steel screws and nuts that I normally use.  Instead the part I made is a press fit which keeps the sides of the stand in place.  It’s easier to demonstrate.

Originally our metal roof was supposed to begin phase two yesterday, where the metal is actually attached to the prepared surface.  There was some sort of work they had to complete elsewhere so that start date has been moved to today.  Supposedly it will take two to three days to complete.  By this time next week Cindy and I should be residing under a durable, hurricane resistant and highly heat reflective roof.

Cindy is over on the east coast tonight and tomorrow for an event she is participating in.  We both decided it would logistically make more sense for me to stay home on dog duty.  It just so happens that Ali is also out of town this weekend as well.  I suggested to Ali’s boyfriend that we hang out a drink a few beers as part of my Sadie pick up trip.  I planned to grab Elsa from home first so she isn’t left alone.

It is a bit of an unusual situation where you like your ex-wife’s significant other enough to want to hang out.  It should be a different sort of Friday night and just a weird set of circumstances where both females in the picture are out of town at the same time.  Cindy has been putting a ton of time, energy and effort into this event.  Regardless of the outcome I’m proud of her.

I plan to do my normal thing this weekend, work, play, and whatever else comes to mind.

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