Plugging away

So I have been plugging away at my networking project all week.  Each install has had it’s challenges.  Today’s install challenge was mostly self created.  The switch I was installing had something strange in the config so I figured I would just quickly blow it away.  Although I got my Cisco CNA certification more than a decade ago I just don’t have to do much switch/router work so my functional knowledge is pretty basic.  Well to make a long story short I inadvertently blew away the file used by the switch to boot, bricking the device.

Lucky for me I took the extra step of bringing another switch in case the first one had a problem.  I didn’t expect to ever need the spare but in this case it saved my ass, allowing me to load the config onto the back up and put it into service.  I was later able to get a boot file back on the first switch using the console cable and XMODEM.  Loading a 96 meg image file at 57600 baud is not something impatient people should attempt. I have another install tomorrow and then three more next week, after which this latest project should be complete.

The weather all week has been raining.  I have not found the time or inspiration to work on the dirty roof eaves after work at night.  My procrastination means my weekend workload is going to be heavy with cleaning 150 feet of eaves with a side order of automatic chicken coop door installation in the chicken run as well.

Tomorrow, if the weather at lunch time is not wet I may be playing my first racquetball in nearly 20 years with my gym buddy.  We randomly discovered we both played the game in our past.  I have only ever played in an indoor four walled court where you have much more wall surface to work with.  The outdoor courts down here have no ceiling or back wall so it is going to be a much different experience.  Regardless it should be fun.

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