Last one, It only takes a few

This morning I finished up the last of the seven installs I have been doing at our various branches where I am swapping out a network device.  The project is to proactively give us better performance when we switch to a cloud based back end in the next couple months.  Just like most everything else in life each install has gotten easier with repetition.  The first location took me almost 90 minutes to work through some bugs.  The last install today took less than 10 minutes.

Today the new washer and dryer are scheduled to arrive.  We are having them haul out the washer with the failing main bearing.  The dryer is going to go to Cindy’s mom.  I am hoping maybe we can run it over there tonight to get it out of the way instead of sitting in the garage.  Both Cindy and I are looking forward to getting the new set.  They will fit better in the limited space in our laundry room and hopefully will serve us well for the next decade or so.

So the other day on YouTube I saw a video posted by a young fellow EUC enthusiast that included in the title something about “dominating city streets”.  What the video depicted was the kid riding at very high rates of speed while manning a selfie stick.  However I soon found myself getting very annoyed and frustrated by how this high speed riding not only was on streets but on pedestrian walkways and sidewalks as well, in some cases while pedestrians were actively using them.  This kid would come flying up behind people and blow by them with no thought of what would happen if the pedestrian suddenly changed direction.  The video was filled with reckless riding.

I have seen videos by this kid before doing similar things in the past and never said anything but for whatever reason I felt obliged to this time.  I commented that riding that fast around pedestrians is reckless, dangerous, and is the sort of behavior that is going to initiate a crackdown on EUC use in the states.  In several countries in Europe this has already happened. With my background with drones I already had seen first hand how the ignorant few can ruin something for the many.

So anyway this kid did not react well to my criticism which was certainly not surprising. He sent me a message in Messenger that included “ You are a 50 year old man dogging on a 20 year olds videos… grow up.” as if somehow our respective ages impacted the facts of how he was riding.   Of course I found humor in the kid advising me to be the one to grow up.

So anyway, I was far from alone in my criticism of his antics in this video so my ultimate hope is that although I would never expect him to admit it, hopefully he will use more care and thought while riding in the future.  Hey when I was 20 years old I wasn’t much for taking the advice of my elders either.

Last night I watched the end of the AMC show, The Terror.  That was one crazy show, damn….

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