Full facial, Full three

Since very early on in my electric unicycle riding days I have worn a typical skateboard helmet.  As I was learning I took a number of falls that made it obvious that I needed to protect my cranium.  Well yesterday I took it to the next level, ordering a full face helmet for me to ride when open roading it.

I had been thinking about getting one for quite awhile.  The reason for doing so is to protect in one of the more likely EUC falls, a face plant.  A face plant occurs when either your wheel stops balancing for some reason or if you unexpectedly hit an obstacle that causes your wheel to stop while you keep going.

In this scenario you are go fall face first to whatever surface is below you, likely impacting your hand/wrists first and face second.  In that scenario a skater helmet will protect your brain but not your face.

My decision to finally pull the trigger was influenced by another story of someone taking a beating after their wheel cut out on them at 14-15mph.  I figured it was time to try a full face helmet at least when I am doing prolonged riding on roadways.  I have concerns about such a helmet being just too hot to wear during sweltering south Florida summers so I opted for white to hopefully reflect as much heat as possible.  It will be interesting to see how it feels.

I’m looking forward to a three day holiday weekend although I once again have a nice chunk of things I want to get done along the way.  As always my hope is to front load all of that work if possible so I can chillax with some Zima as the weekend continues.


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