Still…., Brilliant

It is still overcast and gray which is pretty amazing.  I am pretty sure this is the longest period of days where sunshine has not been the predominant weather situation since I have moved to Florida.  This has been over two weeks at this point.  Normal Florida wet season weather is 90% sun with brief but scary thunderstorms most days.  This prolonged PA-style gray weather pattern needs to go. Elsa is not a fan of this either.

So you heard how Roseanne basically got her popular rebooted sitcom cancelled with a few words on Twitter.  She made some sort of stupid and racist tweet regarding a woman that was in the Obama administration.  It’s bad enough when people derail themselves with ignorant tweets but in this case there was a litany of collateral damage, namely anyone else involved with the show. They all get to pay the price for Roseanne’s remarks, which she is now blaming on ambien.

Roseanne has a long history of doing/saying stupid things so this really shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.  After all she did vote for and remains a vocal Trump supporter so that should tell you a lot.  Of course this does not mean ALL Trump supporters are racist, ignorant, thoughtless individuals, just a good chunk of them.



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