So Toxic

So after I shot the aerial video for the Wear Orange event on Saturday I uploaded the edited footage to the groups Facebook page.  In order to make the video easier to share I also uploaded it to my YouTube page so the group could link from there.  Well within the first 20 minutes I got a comment on the video referring to “libtards”, so I disabled commenting on the video.  When I woke up the following morning I saw the video had a 3-1 dislike to like ratio which was sickening.  Do we really live in a world where people DISLIKE movements to curb gun violence?

The Wear Orange movement supports the second amendment.  Their goal is sensible gun laws that reduce the threat of gun violence in the US which is at insane levels compared to the rest of modern society across the world. (on average 96 people per day are killed in the US by guns) But all it took was anything with the word “gun” in it to flash trigger dislikes by gun zealots that see ANY attempt to enact reasonable gun laws to the government knocking on their door to take their aresnal.  It’s pure lunacy.

I was very disappointed and saddened by the reaction to the video and decided to make it a non-public listing that can still be shared but won’t be listed in the normal video list of my channel.  The last thing I have the energy for is circular debates with gun zealots that refuse to acknowledge that reasonable, common sense gun laws are something the majority of people in the US want and support.  Unfortunately the lobbyist dollars from organizations like the NRA drown that voice out.


  1. Susan Cone June 8, 2018 9:39 pm  Reply

    I’m sorry had that experience. It seems reasonable to think that everyone would want to reduce gun violence. Gun owners and non gun owners. Republicans and Democrats. If people can just take a little time to read and understand, we may find that we all have a lot of common ground. There ARE sensible things we can all agree on….for example universal background checks. 96% of Americans want it. Thank you for putting yourself out there. We have a rather large cultural divide to cross, but we can do it if we all talk to each other.

    • Duf June 11, 2018 8:32 am  Reply

      It’s ok, after so many years on the internet this sort of behavior has become the norm instead of the exception. The vocal minority and the lobbyists that support them have far too much power.

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