Monday mow, The strength of two and a half men

So Cindy didn’t get the chance to mow during the day yesterday as there was a brief downpour as she was getting ready to do it.  Despite her objections, I told her I was going to get on the tractor and knock it out, despite the skies still looking foreboding.  I jumped on the tractor and got busy.  Mowing wet grass is never fun but I wanted to have the task complete, no matter what. (thanks Dad).  It took me a little more than 90 minutes on the tractor to finish.  I limped off the tractor (a normal reaction nowadays) and headed inside, glad to have accomplished my goal.  Mowing on Monday evenings will not become the new norm.

So as I mentioned yesterday, Cindy took the Minipro to our local bike shop to see if they could get the incredibly stiff tires onto the unit.  I was happy when Cindy messaged me, saying the mission was accomplished.  I asked if it was easy for them to install the tires.  She said definitely not.  It took two beefy guys manhandling the tires at the same time with a third lending a hand in addition.  Some large prying tools were involved as well.  Hearing the depiction of events made me feel a little less like a failure from not being able to install the new tires by myself with lesser tools.

Tonight I have to finish putting the Minipro back together and clean up the mess in the hobby room.  At some point I want to do a comprehensive test of the monster tired Minipro versus our other one with stock tires.  It will be interesting to see how handling and top speed is affected.

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