Looking for a new challenge

So when I was first exploring the world of electric personal transport vehicles one of the things I checked out was the One Wheel.  In some ways it reminds you of an EUC with it’s single, albeit huge single tire.  Like an EUC you control speed and direction with your body but in a different orientation.  The One Wheel mimics snowboarding/skateboarding where as an EUC is more like a pair of skis.

As a kid I dabbled in skateboards but I never could do anything beyond riding it conventionally with only mild control at best.  The fact that EUC’s offered more range and speed were the reason I decided to go down that path, a path which I thoroughly love.

However lately I have found myself getting more and more interested in revisiting the One Wheel.  Over the past few years they have really improved the guts of the hybrid skateboard/snowboard.  The initial version had very limited speed and range of only 5-7 miles.  Their latest offering, the XR+ can go up to 18-19 miles on a charge and can reach speeds of almost 20 mph, way better specs than my first EUC.

I find myself feeling like I want to once again challenge my half century old mind and body to take on a new challenge of learning how to ride it.  I think my EUC progress will help in this challenge but the different stance and balance position will surely open a very large can of worms that will take time to adjust to.

One thing I also absolutely love about the prospect of owning a One Wheel is, brace yourself, it is made in the USA.  Yep, pretty much every single electric personal transport has it’s origin in China.  The One Wheel was designed, built and sold out of California.  It’s a feel good story that I want to be a part of.  I’m not sure exactly when this adventure will begin, but it will….

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