So a combination of things have me walking around like a geriatric person currently.  The nasty scrapes on my shin are healing and as they do the scabs become tight and tender.  This is combined with massive soreness from squatting and deadlifting for the first time in close to two months on Tuesday.  I had taken a break from it to let the knee pain I was feeling subside.  The time off from the movements helped with the knee pain.  Ironically the time off also means massive all over pain which is normal for me when I resume either of this exercises after anything more than a two week break.  I kept my reps and numbers low and still got whacked hard.

Last night I got out in the driveway a little with the One Wheel and Cindy joined me.  Up until then she only tried the board indoors shortly after I got it.  This was her first open riding experience.  Her first couple mounts she did by the Prius to be safe.  By the end of the brief session she was able to mount and dismount in open space and do some turning.  It will be cool to see how fast she progresses.

Image result for Husqvarna YT42DXL (42") 22HP Kohler Lawn TractorTonight I am hoping to do yet another small tractor repair, installing a bearing in one of the front wheels, an axle cap, and reattaching a deck wheel that appears to have fallen off at some point.  I have already identified what my next tractor will be, a 42 inch Husqrvarna with a welded deck as opposed to the thin and shitty stamped decks that pretty much every other 42 inch mower comes with.  I have had the stamped deck fall apart on every mower I have owned in Florida.  I would rather spend a couple hundred more up front and get something that will hold up long term.



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