In a nick of time, Have to fall

So I followed up my mower repair and normal mowing session on Sunday with mowing the back half of the yard yesterday.  It was totally dry and if I have learned anything since living in Florida, you have brief windows of time during wet season where you can mow before the next deluge arrives.  My steering repairs held up to the very bumpy terrain in the back yard. I also had the big generator running for a good portion of the day, powering the AC in Cindy’s RV, cooling it down and giving the unit some time to circulate.

I took advantage of the dry and now totally mowed fenced in yard with my One Wheel.  I rode the board all over the back which was much more difficult than paved or concrete riding.  Your lower body is just in constant motion adjusting to the shifts in terrain, it’s physically demanding.  I fell off a couple times but didn’t hit the ground (that came later in the day)  My body felt tense which was the opposite of what you want.  It’s all a matter of practice and repetition. Just as I finished the ride a super storm blew in, dumping at least three inches of rain in a short period of time.  The rain event turned the dry property back into a swamp in no time, making me feel all the better about getting all of the mowing done before it hit.  You can actually see the first part of the storm at the end of the video.

We lost power later in the day, after the storms ironically.  I suggested to Cindy that instead of listening to all the beeping UPS’s in the house we take Elsa over to the school so I could ride the One Wheel some more while they hung out.  She was down with the plan.  I had fun riding all around the school property.  The only negative was a relatively hard fall I took when I tried to cross a small grassy spot between sidewalks.  It had more of a gully in it than I realized which instantly stopped the board and sent me flying where my right hand and hip took the impact.  My hand was fine thanks to the wrist guards I always wear.  The hip hurt, leaving a second bruise next to the other One Wheel mark from a couple weeks prior.  Even with incident I had a good time.  Learning to ride EUC’s and the One Wheel at this stage of life has at least kept my motivation and determination levels actively engaged.

We have been giving Lucy her meds  from the vet orally  twice a day using a little syringe.  Surprisingly she has been pretty agreeable to the process.  Yesterday we got a scare.  After giving her the meds we sprayed down the area on the mass that was cut by the vet to try to drain it with antiseptic.  As Cindy wiped it down  Lucy jerked violently, evidently the scab came off.  She started to bleed badly from the area.

If you ever had birds, you know that when they bleed it can be a big problem as their blood does not clot well.  We originally just tried applying pressure with a paper towel but it quickly became soaked in blood.  Luckily I had just bought stypic powder, a substance used to stop bleeding on birds.  Cindy ran inside and got some as well as additional bandages.  I was really worried as there was a LOT of bleeding but eventually we got it stopped and got her wing wrapped up.  I checked on her several times during the evening.  She was fine and appeared normal this morning which is a relief.

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