Fast flood

So once again I feel very fortunate to have gotten the mowing done Sunday as Monday was almost an all day rain event, once again submerging large areas of our property.  When I got home I wasted little time before reconnecting the sump pump I have in the back yard of the chicken area.  It does a decent job of pumping the water to the big drainage canal on our property line.  That area that I elevated with top soil and sod is still well above the water level, I guess I need to expand that area as time, motivation and money allows.

I got the newest book in the World of Warcraft series, Before the Storm.  It is timed with the release of a new expansion to the game I have loved for over a dozen years, which happens August 14th.  I am trying to finish it before the game is released as it gives the back story to the game.  At this point I am around halfway done so I should be able to accomplish that goal.

Last night I was reading on the loveseat.  It was storming outside so Elsa came running to me for protection.  We have developed a technique for sharing the small piece of furniture, even when I’m laying on it where I prop my feet on the back so Elsa can jam herself in between my rear end and the arm rest.  After finishing a chapter my eyes were heavy.  Cindy snapped this cute picture during that time period.

I just felt really wiped out.  Maybe it’s from the emotional weekend with all of the Lucy problems.  I haven’t been sleeping all that great either.  My latest trend is waking up 60-90 minutes before the alarm and just rolling around in anticipation of it going off.  Anticipation may be the wrong word as I am certainly not excited once Alexa starts playing the wake up tone.


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