Mr FixIt

So my Monday evening was quite productive.  As soon as I got home I headed outside to replace the main drive belt on the tractor.  Months ago I had an oil leak that got all over the existing drive belt.  As a result it has become glazed and slippery, causing the belt to slip on any terrain that is not flat.  I could barely go up some of the hills at the house at this point.  I had done this job once before several years ago when I replaced a bunch of pulleys in the drive system so I at least had a rough idea of what to do.  To get access the mower deck had to be pulled all the way out.  Once underneath it just takes patience and a tolerance for getting covered in oil soaked organic material as you remove and install the new belt.  After completing the reassembly I did a quick hill test and was pleased I no longer faded while climbing a grade.

Before dinner I also was able to get my 18L back together.  I ripped it apart Sunday to charge each of the two batteries independently, which they did successfully.  Now that it is together I have to ride it some tonight and see if it will charge the batteries to full while connected together.  I certainly hope they do but I am not real optimistic about it.

Finally before bed I removed the front footpad sensor from my One Wheel XR.  It is being sent out to California to get repaired/replaced to address the random issue where the pad does not disengage the motor properly. This has caused it to run away from me quite a few times as well as dump me on my ass.  The idea of being without my One Wheel for a period of time bothered me enough that I ordered a brand new pad set, just so I have spares in the future.

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