On Tuesdays and Thursdays Cindy teaches an evening class and doesn’t get home until 7:15 to 7:30.  I often target these nights to get stuff done like videos, small tasks, and other things.  On the way home last night I had an idea pop into my head where I could ride the 18L over to the school WHILE carrying the Meepo, allowing me to try it out there.

Well when I got home and saw there were some black clouds off to the east I decided to scrap my plans.  I didn’t scrap them because I was afraid of getting wet, I did it because of the dogs.  Both Sadie and Elsa are terrified of thunder.  The idea of them being home with the possibility of a storm rolling in threw a wave of guilt over me that made me readjust my plans.  Instead I just reviewed what came in the Meepo box and talked about my brief ride the night before.

Pet guilt is something that definitely affects me on a regular basis.  Surprisingly the chickens are a major factor when it comes to planning potential road trips or vacations.  We can normally feel secure leaving Elsa with Ali and Shugs but I always worry about care for the chickens.  Cindy and I are so used to the chicken routine it is easy for us.  However it is a lot to ask of someone else as there is a high level of grossness that we are pretty immune to.  I wish I had someone I absolutely could count on to care for the birds when we aren’t home.  It would make travel less burdensome.

This weekend I really want to get out on my new electric vehicles as much as possible.  I am hoping the weather and my chore list allows that to happen.

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