So I have been parking the Prius right by the garage door when I return from work most nights.  Since the sprinklers have started running regularly once again that means the driver side of the car has been getting hit with nasty well water, leaving the car looking gross.  I finally decided to do something about it yesterday and detoured my regular route home to head up Airport Road to the Sam’s Club which has two automatic car washes.  Well of course as you can imagine from the title of this entry, it was a cluster f.

I ran into dead stop traffic about halfway there.  It appeared to be from some sort of accident on an intersecting road.  It took me a solid 15 minutes to clear the area.  Of course when I got to Sam’s I was greeted with a 10 car line at the car wash which I promptly gave the middle finger to.  A mile up the road was a stand alone car wash that actually had no line so I ducked in there to get the car cleaned up.  Of course my reward for taking that extra 10 minutes was to get dumped into even more of a traffic quagmire on Immokalee Road.

The commute home last night really made me appreciate the arrangement I have had at work pretty much from the first day I started.  My buddy and I normally leave the office about 4:45 each day which gives me just enough time to get ahead of the tidal wave of traffic heading home.  The route I took yesterday is pure insanity.  It’s hard to believe traffic was that horrendous and we are only in the early teething stages of snowbird season. I arrived home stressed out and frustrated.  I did park the Prius down in the turn around section of the driveway to avoid it from getting coated in sulfur water immediately.

I again feel fortunate that my biggest issue of the day was shitty traffic as opposed to having yet another angry white male carry out a mass shooting, this time in a Jewish synagogue in Pittsburgh.  My brother lives in Pittsburgh, he said things still feel surreal, the place the shooting occurred was very close to where he used to live.  He said it is a friendly, close knit neighborhood, not at all the type of area where you would expect mass murder to occur.

I was relieved to see Donald was planning to come to the city, despite requests by the mayor to wait.  Surely his presence will have a calming, peace inducing effect on the city, idiot.



  1. George . Dondanville October 30, 2018 3:49 pm  Reply

    oh Duf the last sentence is a real tell- surely you cannot think he is not the man do heal the Nation (alist)……george d.

    • Duf October 31, 2018 7:59 am  Reply

      Surely George 🙂

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