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Friday night on the way home I stopped to pick up Sadie.  She had just been at the vet hospital during the day having a CT done to look at some masses she has had for awhile.  It seems like the place that did this subscribes to the same tactic used by the vast majorities of vets I have dealt with in my lifetime, predatory.  These businesses prey on the emotions of pet owners and charge insane amounts of money for care.  In our case we are still carrying pet insurance on Sadie so it should cover most of it, but still it just made me sick to my stomach when I saw the bill.  I could tell Sadie was still a bit tired from the sedation but later on Friday night she was playing with Elsa like normal.

So the lack of rain meant I didn’t really need to mow the grass which was nice.  Cindy was in one of these modes she gets into where she just wants to organize, clean and throw out.  I wanted to take advantage of it so I encouraged and helped the process.  Over the weekend the spare bedroom, the hobby room, the laundry room, the small shed, and the garage all received varying degrees of attention.  The end result was less piles in the house and more stuff in the trash or on the curb to be given away.

Another thing I gave away this weekend was my old TroyBilt generator.  It still works fine and now outputs more accurate voltage levels thanks to the work I did on it a couple weeks ago.  I gave it to our neighbor across the street after Cindy asked her if she was interested.  I drug the heavy generator across the street and then gave Mary a quick lesson on it’s operation.  I even had the receipt stapled to the instructions.  I evidently paid $700 for it back in 2004.  Mary was very grateful but at this point in my life, when faced with selling my stuff versus giving it to someone that could use it for free, I will likely choose the latter option most of the time.

Saturday night Cindy and I went to see a movie she was excited about, Bohemian Rhapsody.  It’s a film I would likely choose the Netflix route for normally but Cindy is agreeable to most everything I want to see in theaters so it wasn’t a big sacrifice.  I had very minimal knowledge of the Queen story and all I really knew about Freddie Mercury was he was a gay man that died of AIDS.  The actor that played Freddie Mercury did an amazing job and the film depicted a back story about him and the band that I never knew about.  Cindy loved the movie and I enjoyed it as well, despite being well over two hours long.  I’d give it a strong B+

I got my Raspberry Pi Zero W gas skimmer project fired up and working.  It’s amazing to have a full fledged computer in something half the size of an Altoids tin.  Unfortunately when I tried to snap it into the 3D printed case I made I broke one of the solder connections off.  Trying to reattach it will require a magnifying glass and a steady hand.

Sunday morning Cindy wanted to go to a car show/food truck event we attended last year.  I wanted to get a decent ride in so I suggested to Cindy that I will ride my big Monster to the event and she could meet me there.  I put the MiniPro and the smaller Mten3 in trunk, thinking I could ride the smaller more nimble wheel there.  I actually wound up riding my Monster around instead because it’s easier to mount and dismount quickly.  The event was crowded and in retrospect it isn’t a great idea for me to be riding a single wheel in such conditions.  I think when I first started EUCing I wanted to ride the wheel at stuff like this just to show I could, now the more mature part of me thinks in really crowded conditions I am better served just walking like normal human beings.

Although it’s only Monday I am already thinking about next weekend, specifically the huge, shitty task of trimming all of the trees that I have scheduled for it.  I can only hope for relatively cool conditions for the work but thus far the long term forecast is not looking agreeable.




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