Spinning wheels

Last night I spent about 90 minutes futzing around with my streaming set up, trying to determine what exactly was causing my audio issues from our last stream.  It a pain to test as I have to setup  a laptop to simulate the second person on the call.  I tried tweaking things multiple ways but had the same end result, the audio of the second person sounds fine to me but does not go out on the stream.  I was really getting frustrated.

I decided to try a totally different solution, Google Hangouts which is integrated into YouTube’s Live Streaming platform.  It lacks a lot of the bells and whistles of full blown streaming solutions but in this situation I don’t think it really matters.  No streaming client is needed, just a Chrome browser.  In my tests the connection was easy to set up and the audio/video quality was acceptable which is all we really need.  The only negative I saw was there is no way to have a split screen view.  With Hangouts, it automatically shows the camera of whomever is talking which is not optimal but again, in our situation I don’t know that it matters much.  Hopefully this weekend at some point I can do a test run with Marty.  I’m sick of all of this hassle to produce content that doesn’t get many views.

The long awaited cold front is supposed to roll in today.  It can stay for three months as far as I’m concerned.  I’m so sick of 90 degrees and humid conditions, especially the week before Thanksgiving.

Here is a random fun fact.  I have sold almost $2500 of 3D printed EUC stands this year spread across roughly 80 orders.  It’s funny how this random idea has grown into something with real numbers.  Of course the actual profit on that $2500 is maybe a third of that after the multitude of expenses I incur to make it happen.




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