Finally, 71

Last night the first REAL cold front of the year arrived, the couple we have had previously pushed night time temps into the mid 60’s but this morning the thermometer in the Prius read 55 degrees.  It was glorious feeling the crisp air against my skin instead of sweat.  I wished I could have started my weekend at that very moment.

Speaking of the weekend, I hope to start mine off with a return to running this evening after work.  Tomorrow I hope to complete the weed whacking in the cool weather and finish any other significant chores during the morning while it is still beautifully pleasant outside.    I look forward to trying to spend more time enjoying this weekend that I normally do.  I think Cindy and I earned the right after the punishing workload last week.

Today would have been my mom’s 71st birthday.  She was always the middle cog of the uncanny birthday string shared with my sister and myself.  Torrin’s birthday is October 16th, Mom November 16th, and mine is December 16th.  My entire life I have been trying to figure out the cosmic meaning of the three of us having our birthdays on the same day of three consecutive months.  My grandmother almost continued that streak as her birthday was September 17th, only one day off.

I still think about my mom a lot.  It comes and goes at completely random moments where some sound, song, sight, or scenery makes a connection with some memory of mom.  Those times almost always bring waves of emotion with them but I have become adept at mentally shifting focus immediately to not let the  hurt sink in too deeply.  It’s the way I manage to get through life and keep focusing on what’s ahead instead of behind.



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