Four days to enjoy two days

So as we approach my fourth day of vaca is coming to a close, I have finally completed my four item list.  One of those items took me almost  all day Saturday to complete, pressure washing.  Keep in mind that I started this task on Friday afternoon, getting the pool cage blasted off.  Even with that head start, I still spent the vast majority of Saturday directing my 3000 PSI stream wherever I saw crud.

Normally when I pressure wash the pool area and the sheds are two segregated tasks.  This may be the first time I have included so many things in one pressure washing session.  Not only did the pool get blasted I also turned my attention to the triple digit castle stones I have surrounding the pool landscaped area and the pond.  The normally tan stones were completely black, covered in mildew or some other slimy organic matter.  Cleaning the stones meant I got extremely dirty as the shit coated me.  Multiple times I had to stop and hose off my lower body and Crocs, which had a 1/4 inch of mud inside them.  I was on a mission washing stones, decks, the chicken coop, anything I could find.  The grand finale was the large shed.  When I finished I felt a wave of relief as I knew the most labor intensive and time consuming item on the list was finally done. All of the work did have a nice appearance pay off.  Some of this stuff has been untouched for a couple years, to see it look fresh and clean once again was a pretty jarring and appreciated contrast.

To get through Saturday I took two doses of Advil. I proactively took another dose this morning, expecting repercussions for the labor.  After doing the chickens and paying my bills we decided to go out for a ride to a new spot, Cullum’s Trail Park in Bonita, a spot that was suggested to me by another local One Wheel rider.  Cindy decided she wanted to ride her mountain bike so we threw that, the Kingsong 18L and the One Wheel into the back of the Tacoma and headed out.

We unloaded into the empty parking lot and started to explore.  It was an awesome spot to roll around in.  If you watch the video you will get a good sense of how good a spot it was.  I am positive we will be back again, a lot.

We got home just in time for the Eagles game.  The first half of the game was awful, with the Giants rolling over the Eagles defense just like the Saints did the week before.  I was so disinterested that I knocked out another list item during the game, shampooing the rugs.  I sat back in front of the TV midway into the second half and saw the Eagles stopped the bleeding  and actually got a lead.  The Giants kicked a field goal to tie it but then the Birds drove the field, burning the clock down to 25 seconds before kicking a FG to take a lead which they held as time expired.  It was great to snap the losing streak but I didn’t see anything to make me think the season is going to turn around from here.

After the game I went out to tackle the last item on my list, waxing the front end of Cindy’s RV.  Last week I worked on the RV to try to remove the haze that had developed from sitting in the sun for a year.  It looked good when I was done but a day later you saw the white haze from the polish.  I bought a high grade synthetic wax to try to save the day.  I got out there and rubbed until my arm was ready to fall off.  Once again it looked good when I was finished, I am only hoping it stays this way this time.

Tonight I have my first solo EUC live stream since Marty told me he wasn’t interested in doing the show anymore.  It wil be interesting to see how it goes and what sort of reaction I get.

So I have two days left of my staycation.  I feel quite confident that I have sufficiently busted my ass over the first four days.  I look forward to doing a bunch of what I want to do over the next 48 hours. I’ve earned it.



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