40’s, Crazy chicks

So real “winter” weather has flowed into south Florida the last couple days with overnight lows touching the 40’s (gasp).  I am really enjoying the change and only wish it wasn’t something that happens so infrequently that I can normally count the days each year on my fingers.   The only cold that really bothers me is when it starts creeping into the 30’s since that is when real damage to the landscape can occur.

So the six baby chicks are doing well and growing fast.  In the two weeks we have had them it seems like they have doubled in size.  With growth comes challenges.  The latest one being they are getting big enough to hop up onto the edge of the container we have them in.  Twice we have discovered chicks hanging out up top.  We have some plastic netting in place now to discourage the behavior.

Having the babies in the house brings back memories of our last chick raising period three years ago.  It seems crazy  that these cute little fuzz balls quickly transform into full sized, cantankerous birds in the span of a few months.  It will be quite interesting to see how the integration with the adult hens goes down the road.  I am sure the pecking order is going to have some major shuffling around.

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