Packed, Shut down

I had a very busy Tuesday night.  Cindy had a meeting to attend and I wanted to get one last night of filming with the KingSong 18XL demo unit.  I headed over to the school to get some night riding in as well as do things like backwards riding, light testing, and agility work.  As has been the case from day one, the wheel met or exceeded my expectations in all regards.

After I finished the ride I edited and processed the video.  I then needed to clean and repack the wheel to be shipped to the next tester out in Denver.  After that there were Christmas presents to wrap, 3D prints to work on and a few other items.  I had light sleep the night before due to the Eagles game, by the time I hit bed last night I was truly exhausted.

So I found it interesting that they are shutting down a lot of things as a day of mourning for the passing of Bush Senior.  I do not recall this being done for the last two presidents that died, Reagan and Ford, but perhaps I just am not remembering it correctly.  I am particularly surprised they are shutting down the stock market today as that is a huge undertaking which affects an infinite amount of other things around the world.

I never was a Bush senior fan however time has softened that stance.  And of course if you compare him to the current resident of the White House, I would take HW in a heart beat, even in his current state.  I mean look at this discussion from 1980 between Bush and Reagan and compare that to the lunacy that is spewed and tweeted from our big league leader on a daily basis.

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