Joined the masses, First day, Moving day

So last night Cindy and I joined the wave of people that watched Birdbox, a recent Netflix release that has spawned a wave of idiots simulating the movie by walking around blindfolded.  This isn’t the type of movie I normally watch with Cindy.  I am fine with suspense/horror movies but Cindy is not a fan.  I was somewhat surprised she was open to seeing it.

The premise of the movie is bizarre and creepy.  It seemed like something Stephen King would come up with.  There were lots of hand squeezing moments in there.  It was a new way to spin the end of humanity, the zombie apocalypse theme is getting sort of old at this point.  I enjoyed the movie.  It was nice to see something in a different genre than we normally take in.  I’m not sure if Cindy would say the same.  I’d give it a B+.

My first full day with the Apple Watch was interesting.  I still don’t know how a lot of it works but I did find the activity tracker cool.  For the same reasons that I have my real time mileage tracker on screen in the Prius, I find having instant feedback on your steps, standing time, and calories burned is helpful, motivational and behavior changing.  We will see if it remains that way.

Today is an exciting day for the baby chicks, they are finally moving outdoors.  Last night after work Cindy and I moved the chicken tractor outside of the big hen area.  We set it up along the outside of the fenced area so the young birds and older birds can see/hear each other but not interact.  It will be interesting to see how the baby chicks do with the move which will have much bigger temperature swings than they have been accustomed to living in the garage.

Of course our biggest concern is their safety.  The entire reason I went crazy building the Fort Knox style coop was because we had three birds killed in the tractor by a racoon years ago.  When that happened I greatly reenforced the tractor with double latches on either side door as well as us putting up the ramp and securing it in place, making the tractor nesting box area pretty secure. Even with these precautions Cindy and I still worry about the baby hens well being.  I am sure we will be checking on them quite often this weekend.

Complete mowing and weed whacking head the weekend chores, something I have not done for around a month.  It’s also Katie’s birthday weekend as well as the Eagles playoff game against the Bears late Sunday afternoon.  It should be chock full of stuff.

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