Finally figured it out

Last night we went outside after dark to put the chickens to bed, assuming that once again we would need to grab the baby birds one at a time and insert them up top.  Last night we waited longer before going outside to do this.  Before we were going out at or shortly after dusk.  This time it was totally dark by the time we went out there.  As Cindy and I approached the coop we noticed that we didn’t see any movement down below.  As we got closer we both looked at each other excitedly, they actually went up top themselves.  I quietly raised the ramp and secured it in place.  Cindy peeked in the side door and saw not only were they up top but they were on the perch instead of piled on top of each other.  It took six tries but it seems they finally get it, hallelujah. After securing the ramp the chicks got a short bumpy ride as I moved the chicken tractor to fresh grass, something we do every two days.  Cindy and I were both very happy as we headed  back inside.  The babies are going to have quite a few chilly nights ahead of them with a cold front that rolled in last night.



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