Cutting time, Big League SOTU

I had my dermatologist check up last week.  During it the doctor took a sample of an area in the corner of my forehead that has been dry and recently started opening up.  It has been that way for awhile and based on my past basal cell cancer history I assumed it was another spot.  I got confirmation yesterday that it was, meaning I am going back under the knife next month.

It will once again be a MOHS procedure where they cut out a section and then test the perimeter to make sure there are no more cancerous cells.  If there are they go back in and cut more.  Depending on how successful they are it can be a pain in the ass and time consuming to potentially get cut on multiple times.  I’m not looking forward to it but at this point I am approaching double digits as far as skin cancer removals go so I certainly know what to expect.

I did not watch a second of the state of the union address last night but I did read some of the highlights.  It contained what you would expect, tons of self congratulatory statements of his imaginary reality and a call to end “ridiculous partisan investigations”.  Somehow these ridiculous investigations have resulted in over a half dozen indictments thus far and some of Donald’s own family may be next on the block.  I can only hope this noose continues tighten until big Don himself is backed into a corner, alone with no one else left to take a fall on his behalf.



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